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5 Reasons Why Medical Professionals Should Outsourcing Marketing


When it comes to growing a medical practice, marketing is one of the most critical areas to focus on to obtain more patients. Having relationships in church, school, neighbors, clubs, etc., may provide several great referrals, but all medical practices eventually find they need significantly more patients.

As a healthcare professional, most of your time will be spent focusing on Healthcare. Most medical practices struggle to find the time, resources, and expertise to develop and execute an effective marketing strategy. For a healthcare professional, extending your bandwidth to focus on the practice’s growth, employee management, and marketing is complex and cuts into a doctor's personal life. In most cases, do-it-yourself (DIY) marketing falls behind due to multi-tasking, time management, lack of knowledge, etc. 

Can I Do My Own Healthcare Marketing?

Marketing, like anything, is something that can be learned. Our society will often use the example of "Rocket Science" to compare the learning curve of a subject, and marketing is not rocket science. Still, it does require knowledge and experience to be effective. More than anything, marketing skills come with experience, which takes time to acquire. 

Can you do your own marketing? Sure, but are you willing to sacrifice time and resources to become a marketing expert while maintaining your medical skills? The recommended approach is outsourcing one or more of your marketing functions to an agency partner. Outsourcing marketing results in reduced overhead expenses and the ability to quickly scale your marketing efforts. Moreover, you gain access to the latest tools and industry expertise, arriving at your financial goals faster.

Any medical practice's survival, stability, and growth depends on its marketing and branding. Hiring the right professionals, on average, leads to obtaining financing goals within the first 2-3 years. At the same time, DIY marketing, on average, takes 3-5+ years to obtain the same financial growth. Also, while hiring the right healthcare marketing professional requires a little of your time, DYI marketing requires an immense amount of personal time - time that cannot be earned back. 

Lastly, be aware of products or services that sell DIY marketing or website development. Simple DIY solutions are indeed too good to be true. DIY marketing services often lack an understanding of your industry and require more marketing intelligence to accomplish your goals. Also, DYI websites lack essential SEO tools and content development understanding that expand your online presence to increase patient conversions, and provide the basic tools for marketing - the very reason for having a website. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Healthcare Marketing

Outsourcing a professional dental or healthcare marketing service can ease the burden of marketing your dental practice, surgical center, or healthcare office. Here, we list some ways this will benefit your medical practice.

  1. You Get A Marketing Expert: 
    Healthcare marketing is complex and requires an in-depth understanding of its unique challenges. This is why many dental practices or medical professionals consider outsourcing to experienced marketing professionals. Professional healthcare marketers are well-versed in medical marketing strategies and know how to create quality content, optimize SEO, enhance PPC, and offer the latest in marketing innovations.

    Trying to create marketing strategies for your business by yourself or asking your office manager to handle marketing aspects may not pan out as you had hoped. In most cases, you and your front office personnel are not marketing experts, and many dollars could be lost in learning and gaining the skills you need to market your practice effectively. However, when you hire a marketing agency, you hire a professional marketing expert who has gone through the training and experience to execute marketing strategies more effectively. Healthcare marketers will have marketing experience and are aware of techniques that work.
  2. Versatile Marketing Expertise:
    Even if you hire a small marketing agency to handle your business, they'll usually come with a multi-disciplinary team. Most marketing companies will have a broad range of skills to offer your medical or dental practice, including strategic planning, web development, design, copywriting, pay-per-click understanding, social media planning, and photography, among other things. A comprehensive team behind your marketing strategies will help create a much better marketing plan for your healthcare practice.
  3. Helps You Avoid Damaging Mistakes
    Most healthcare professionals rely on equipment experts to repair or maintain their equipment due to lacking training and expertise. Likewise, thinking similarly for your practice’s image and marketing strategies is beneficial. While building a website on your own may seem reasonable, time and resources may be lost if a mistake is made or an issue cannot be resolved, missing out on potential patient conversion in the process.

    A dental marketing agency or healthcare marketing company develops creative and innovative marketing campaigns that help you tap into opportunities for growing your medical practice. By partnering with them, you can elevate your brand and maintain a powerful image, bringing in more patients.
  4. Avoids Overwhelming Stress, Lost Time, and more
    Often, multi-tasking the management of your healthcare practice, staff, budget, and marketing strategies overwhelms doctors, leading to higher stress, more mistakes, and lost time. A dental marketing agency or medical marketing company takes on the pressure, time, and accountability of your marketing strategies. 
  5. Return on Investment:
    Building an in-house marketing team requires significant financial investment. There are several roles you need to fill, including a marketing manager, SEO specialist, data analyst, brand strategist, visual designer, content marketer, PPC specialist, and website developer. When you outsource marketing, it eliminates the need for hiring, training, or maintaining a full-time marketing staff - even if that person is you.

    You may hesitate to hire a marketing agency because you think it'll cost too much or more than you can do on your own, which isn't true. Yes, you will have to pay a fee for services to a third party. However, you'll begin to recoup your costs as any campaign will generate leads much quicker than the majority of the do-it-yourself processes. The money put into a professional team will far outweigh the money and time you spend on testing and learning to do it yourself.

Medical Marketing Guru offers dental website marketing, healthcare website development, SEO services, Pay-per-click management, and much more. For more information, call (877) 570-9880. If you are looking for healthcare marketing services to expand your practice, connect with us today. 


Posted on Dec 25, 2023
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