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Concrete5 Is the Best Open Source Website Platform

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The foundation of any digital medical or dental marketing services will begin with an SEO-friendly and functional website designed for patient conversions and a user-friendly interface. Your medical or dental website is crucial for attracting and engaging new patients and is one piece that cannot be overlooked.

Among the numerous website platforms available, Concrete5 stands out as the ideal choice for a semi-custom platform that offers the most out-of-the-box features. With its robust properties, customizable templates, and intuitive interface, Concrete5 empowers medical and dental professionals to create stunning websites that drive results and help their practices thrive.

How Important is Your Medical or Dental Website?

The primary purpose of a healthcare website is to attract and help convert new patients. If a website isn't attracting and supporting new patient conversions, there is no point in having a medical or dental website. Your medical or dental website will make or break your practice, which is no exaggeration. A healthcare website begins and ends every medical and dental marketing campaign. Choosing the right platform to build your website will lead to more traffic and conversions. Choosing the wrong platform can be detrimental to your practice.

  • 7 Tips To Develop a Great Medical or Dental Website?
  • The foundation of a great medical website will include these features:
  • Up-to-date coding methods and coding security
  • Follows WCAG coding rules & additional ADA-compliant features
  • High-speed and secure hosting
  • Completely customizable metadata management interface
  • Attractive design with Easy-to-use and straightforward user interface
  • Responsive or mobile-friendly
  • Legal obligations concerning privacy and cookies

Website Coding & Security

The most significant risk to outdated website code leads to increased security risks. Spamming or phishing is typically placed within code when a website is hacked, and search engines will not list hacked websites. A hacked website risks losing placement on search engines - even becoming banned, making a hacked website a useless marketing tool. Repairing a hacked website is costly and sometimes too broken to fix.

Concrete5 has the most robust platform and offers the most up-to-date coding methods to stay on top of trends and security. The websites with the most risk of hacking are WordPress websites. According to Sucuri's annual hacked website report, 95.6% of infections Sucuri detected were on WordPress sites. WordPress's vulnerability may be due to the requirements of additional 3rd party plugins to increase security features that only some are aware of. And with its popularity, WordPress has become the primary target for many hackers, receiving an average of 90,000 hacking attempts per minute. WordPress websites that ignore essential updates and/or 3rd party plugins increase their risks of hacking.

WCAG & Additional Webiste ADA Compliant Features

Healthcare professionals are held to a higher standard of ADA compliance than other professions - even within the digital landscape. In 2018, laws adopted WCAG coding methods as the foundation of ADA compliance. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the organization that has developed and currently maintains these standards and guidelines. Following these coding guidelines is the foundation of ADA compliance. Following WCAG guidelines is another reason Concrete5 comes to our top list of website platforms.

There are other ADA considerations when building your medical or dental website. For example, color, design, and visual elements require guidance for those with visual handicaps. Changing font sizes, labeling images correctly, or using the website without a mouse is essential for ADA compliance - this is where a trained website developer comes in handy.

Most DIY (do-it-yourself) or template-based website platforms ignore WCAG. And, without a skilled ADA complaint developer, your website may become the target of legal action, potentially costing your practice tens of thousands in legal fees.

High-Speed & Secure Hosting

Where you host your website is just as important as the platform you choose. Hosting platforms also consider updates, maintenance, security, and high speed. Website loading speed will affect SEO and user satisfaction. And the security on a hosting server is essential in a time with extremely high hacking attempts.

Metadata Management Interface

Content on your website is the foundation of a great SEO campaign. Metadata on your website is equally significant as it allows you to manipulate how Google and other search engines list your pages and the keywords you wish to highlight. Only some platforms will enable you to include metadata - even WordPress, the world's most popular CMS, only allows you to include metadata management with a 3rd party application. In fact, to fully qualify a WordPress website to run a successful SEO campaign, WordPress requires 4-5 3rd party plugins.

Concrete5 includes the ability to manage metadata on every page of a website. Not only is metadata management built into the system, but out-of-the-box Concrete5 offers additional analytics, header coding access, and URL manipulation, giving you or your developers the most power behind an SEO campaign without relying on 3rd party developers.

Attractive Design & User Interface

Concrete5 offers many templates to choose from that attract and appeal to audiences. Although many other platforms superseded available design ideas, developing custom designs is far superior on Concrete5 than any other platform on the market, with far more capabilities built within the system.

An excellent user interface will include the following tactics and trends:

  • Simplicity
  • Easy navigation
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Brand & identity building

Responsive or Mobile-Friendly Websites

It's no surprise that you need a mobile-friendly website. Today, most developers and platforms understand this feature. Concrete5 again excels with this feature as it includes several options for incorporating a responsive design or a separate mobile template. Again, mobile-friendly settings are built with the system, and  3rd party applications are not typically required.

Website Privacy Policy & Cookies Waiver

Recently, many laws have been passed concerning digital privacy and information collection. Although no website platform will provide you with a privacy policy or cookie consent option, we've added this feature due to its importance in website development for doctors and dentists. Concrete5 offers one of the best cookie consent plugins available, and adding a privacy policy is as simple as adding a new page.

Why Concrete5's Website CMS

Concrete5's user-friendly interface makes it a top choice for a medical or dental practice. Even without technical expertise, healthcare professionals can easily navigate the platform and make website changes effortlessly. The inline drag-and-drop functionality allows quick content updates and customization, saving time and effort. Your medical or dental marketing agency can focus on optimizing your website's content and design, enhancing the overall user experience, and maximizing lead generation.

Effective healthcare and dental marketing involves ensuring high visibility in search engine results. Concrete5 simplifies this task with built-in SEO features that enable medical and dental marketing agencies to optimize a website. From customizable meta tags to search engine-friendly URLs, Concrete5 equips medical and dental practices with the tools necessary to improve their online visibility. By implementing proven SEO strategies, healthcare marketing agencies can attract steady organic traffic and increase their clients' chances of ranking higher on search engine result pages.

Build a Concrete5 Website Today

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With our comprehensive services, including web designing, SEO marketing, social media marketing, and much more, we have the tools and expertise to elevate your practice and attract more patients. Contact us today to discuss your goals, and let us create a customized marketing strategy tailored to your practice.

Posted on Aug 14, 2023
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