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Google’s First Page Summary Just Got Longer

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Ranking your practice's website on Google and other SEs can be challenging. Obtaining more online visits through higher-ranking searches is one foundation of your practice's digital marketing success. If you have a dental or medical practice and desire a higher page rank with more website visitors, medical and dental marketing services from trained marketing professionals can help you achieve your goals.

For many years, ranking higher on the first page for specific keywords and key phrases has been a target goal of many SEO marketers. However, Google has made a monumental change to its first-page search summary. When searching for anything on Google now, "pages" have been retired. Every website search result listing is now on the first page of Google. As you scroll through listings, the page simply loads more available listings.

Ranking on Google's First Page: Does it Matter?

Ranking on page one for keywords and keyword phrases has historically been the target goal for many SEO marketers. The excellent news with Google's new search summary page is that it increases the relevance of listings that were once found on pages two, three, etc. Now, online search queries offer much more immediate results by simply scrolling, allowing visitors to view more options faster.

With the new benefit of Google's changes, the pressure to rank on page one diminishes slightly. Listing results further down the summary page will have higher relevance as results can be accessed more quickly. Although visitors can now access more searches further down the page, there are limits people will have before losing interest. Therefore, ranking position will still be a factor to consider with SEO, but it offers more leniency than before.

SEO Ranking on The First Page: What Does it Mean?

Because Search Engines (SEs) would offer 10-12 listings on the first page before having to click to the next page, page one was the ideal location to have your search results. Moreover, data suggested the relevancy for searches below page one began to diminish quite rapidly on each successive page.

Unfortunately, the number of keywords and keyword phrase options is quite large for each business - nearly unlimited, and ranking high for each possibility is almost impossible. With what feels like unlimited keyword possibilities, it's important for medical and dental marketing professionals to research the most relevant keywords and phrases to target and optimize, bringing in the most optimal number of visitors. The keyword approach has often led to misunderstandings between marketers and their clients as untrained business professionals make assumptions about which keywords or phrases should rank high. This also leads to competing marketers upselling services if specific keywords are not performing well, regardless of their relevance in a search.

The ideal SEO marketing approach takes into consideration the most relevant keywords. Competitive keywords that are not performing as well due to their competitive nature will be offset by other keywords or phrases in the same category, still driving significant website traffic to the website.

Like an investing portfolio where some investments outperform others, a great SEO campaign may include keywords or phrases that outperform others. It is essential to understand that the importance of SEO does not diminish if a few keywords are not performing well. 

Ranking Higher with SEO: Just the Tip Of the Iceberg

Although SEO focuses on keyword optimization for a significant portion of its tactics, many tactics, both onsite and offsite SEO, increase your relevance online. Consideration of Social Media, Local Business Listings, Influencers, and more offers increased search results.

Increase Your Rank on Google

Medical Marketing Guru highlights the importance of ranking your medical or dental practice on Google's platform for increased exposure and leads. Medical Marketing Guru is a leader in healthcare SEO, medical and dental websites, PPC, and more if you need professional dental or medical marketing services. Get in touch with us today to get started!

Posted on Feb 27, 2024
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