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How Important Is Pay Per Click For Dentists, Doctors, and Physicians?

Pay per click

The internet has become the mainstream resource for all information. As a business owner, being a part of online conversations is not only recommended but required for success. Being a part of the internet is much more than providing an informational website. Digital marketing drives traffic to your website through search engine optimization, pay-per-click, other digital ads, social media interactions, and review activity. Although many marketing forms that may be accessed on the internet are indirect marketing tactics, the top of the list for a direct marketing approach is pay-per-click. 

The difference between Indirect and Direct Marketing

Indirect marketing is the process of increasing your searchability and waiting for potential patients to require your services with an increased probability of finding you. Indirect marketing places the power of marketing in the hands of the consumer. On the other hand, direct marketing is an invasive messaging system that provides more control to the business. Regardless of the consumer's decisions or needs, direct marketing places advertisements at the forefront of browsing, which leads to higher sales. 

Think about it, how many products or services do you buy out of need? Maybe 20-30% of your purchases. The other 70-80% of your purchases are "wants" processed by an attraction. And direct marketing, like pay-per-click, attracts new patients to your services. 

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a digital marketing model of paying for advertisements based on the clicks it receives. Naturally, much more goes into creating, setting, and managing pay-per-click. 

Here is why your healthcare marketing strategy needs pay-per-click now more than ever:

  1. Generates Leads Quickly
    Incorporating pay-per-click in your digital marketing strategy ensures your brand and services are positioned in front of target audiences every time they access digital technology. This happens immediately and with decent results. Although conversions may take longer than in some industries, the longer a campaign persists, the better it gets. 
  2. Boosts Brand Recognition
    Consumers who have seen or viewed one ad already have a stronger association with your brand. And the more potential patients see your ads, the more brand recognition occurs. Building brand trust is one path to higher conversions. According to a report by Marketing Land and Vantage Point, pay-per-click advertising can increase brand awareness by 63 percent. 
  3. Customization and Control
    With pay-per-click advertising, you can modify, control and set the budget of your marketing strategy. It gives you complete control, allowing you to change the keyword strategy, locations, and target audiences. Pay-per-click is the perfect representation of personalized digital marketing. 
  4. Patient Education
    In many medical industries, as technology advances, new improvements and services are presented. Pay-per-click is a great way not only to advertise but to introduce and educate. Sales begin to increase as the medical IQ increases around the target topic in your communities. 

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Posted on Sep 28, 2022
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