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Dental & Healthcare Agency vs. General Marketing Agencies

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A specialized digital, printed, or media healthcare marketer has numerous benefits over a general marketing provider. For example, a dental marketing agency brings specific expertise and skills to the table concerning the understanding, scope, and budget your dental practice requires. From brand-building to service awareness, a specialized medical marketing team is armed to achieve better results.

Let's take a closer look at how a dental marketing agency compares to general marketing agencies:

Dental Marketing Content & Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of writing content for marketing purposes and includes understanding keywords, phrases, content length, etc. Unfortunately, every marketing professional does not understand the language and content of healthcare providers and dental specialties. For example, root scaling, dental implants, planing, extractions, orthodontics, TMJ, and root canals are some of the few dental terms a dental office may present. Sure, anyone can research the dental industry and provide helpful content. However, providing well-written content is rarely an issue. Instead, a problem for a general marketing company may be understanding how to write dental content and which services to focus on to attract new patients effectively.

Your dental website, blog, or social media content is not written to land in a prestigious medical journal. Although your content may provide educational information, only secondarily does your content serve a functional purpose in presenting medical information to your audiences. Instead, content marketing is written primarily for marketing purposes - to draw in new audiences. Therefore, it is written for patients and how patients search and understand your industry - which is typically very elementary. In addition, content marketing includes providing fundamental concepts and phrases written for non-medical professionals. For example, a dentist may not understand why "teeth straighteners" is used to describe dental braces. However, when this keyword phrase becomes a popular search in your local area, it is a term that should be considered in your digital content. 

Attracting patients to the correct terms, keywords, and phrases takes a little more experience found only with an experienced medical & dental marketing agency. A healthcare marketing agency knows which keywords to target for the highest return. Some doctors may encounter an issue with how content is presented for marketing purposes. Naturally, doctors will be the most qualified to write about their industry and may discover content marketing elementary, too fundamental, or even odd in its presentation. However, understanding the purpose of content for marketing will help you understand why marketing content is designed and composed fundamentally.

Healthcare and Dental Websites

With hundreds of coding techniques and price points, how do you know you are getting a premium quality website product to achieve the best results for your healthcare practice? Healthcare marketing agencies will have the expertise in delivering the appropriate medical or dental website your practice requires with a budget reasonable for your industry.

Price is always evaluated when choosing a new website. The cost of a new website ranges from a few $1000 to tens of thousands on the market. Why are the fees so differentiating for website development from one company to the next? For one, a website designed for the food industry will have radically different requirements than the healthcare industry with the number of pages, content size, images, access, and design elements. And, not all websites are developed the same. Some marketing companies may provide animations, videos, content, and images, while others do not. Therefore, the features and size of a website will have differentiating costs associated with its creation. However, many general marketing agencies will fit their websites into a one-size-fits-all category and adjust fees as a one-size-fits-all. Or, the cost is presented al-la-carte for every feature, which can become very pricy. Your practice will not have the exact website requirements as an eCommerce clothing line, so why should you pay the same price?

The quality and effectiveness of a website are other factors to consider. General marketing bargain websites are most likely a bargain because they lack the necessary elements to achieve the most optimized digital marketing campaign. Would you consider a bargain website if you knew it lacked the ability to increase your online presence? No. The website's purpose in marketing to new patients would not be fulfilled at that point. Consider working with a premium healthcare marketing provider to achieve the most optimized results.

Marketing Campaigns for Doctors & Dentists

Most doctors and dentists are meticulous in their work and are skilled in nearly every aspect of their practice. This is why doctors are able to deliver excellent and lasting results. Healthcare marketing companies are also meticulous and experienced in their industry. This is why a medical marketing agency can provide outstanding and effective results.

Medical and dental marketing agencies will have the experience to recommend more effective campaign types. Such service may not be found with a general marketing provider. Like general marketing website development, you may be placed into a one-size-fits-all campaign. Targeting the most effective campaign types with the expertise of a healthcare marketing agency for your industry will save you money and be more effective.


Medical Marketing Guru is a medical and dental marketing agency. We began specializing in dental marketing. Since then, we have branched into numerous areas of healthcare marketing, including plastic surgery marketing, LASIK, and ophthalmology.

With a medical and dental marketing agency, rest assured that your chances of success increase. This is not to say that other marketing agencies are not good at what they do, but it is pertinent to note that they might not be as good as a service provider specializing in your field of medicine.

If you are looking for a reliable medical and dental marketing agency, get in touch with Medical Marketing Guru today!

Posted on Aug 22, 2022
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