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5 Key Tips to Convert New Dental Patients

Front office staff member talking to patients

For many dental practitioners, marketing might seem like a complex concept. Some doctors are even of the opinion that it may be irrelevant, especially if there is little to no competition. However, dental marketing is imperative for every dental professional to reach new audiences. It not only paves the way for effective lead generation, but marketing also helps create awareness about your practice, increases knowledge of relevant services, and eventually brings in more patients.

The marketing funnel begins with lead generation. This is the first and most important step in bringing in new patients and requires a robust marketing campaign. Most dental professionals will create and manage their campaigns with a dental marketing agency. Employing a specialized marketing agency is highly more effective than do-it-your-self campaigns.

Once the leads come in, the dental practice's job is to ensure conversions. This is where the marketing agency's efforts end and your efforts begin. For a dental clinic to achieve optimal results, they need to convert a minimum of 30- 50% of all leads.

5 Tips to Boost Conversion

For most healthy dental practices, leads are split between referrals and marketing efforts. Once the lead reaches out, here are 5 tips to boost lead conversions:

  1. Answer the Phone: When new patients call, the likelihood of leaving a voicemail is between 50-75%. And, the likelihood of a call-back if the phone wasn't answered, reduces by over 50%. This is especially true if calls are received due to a promotion or campaign that has attracted the attention of a potential patient.

    Moreover, call trees and transfers should be kept to a minimum and short. If a potential new patient takes more than 1 minute after the phone number is dialed to reach someone, your call set-up is too long.
  2. Front Office: Your front office personnel needs to be kind and professional. Many leads are lost simply because the phone was answered with, "Hello?" A script is often helpful for newer front-office to ensure your office is accurately presented, and the correct information is offered and collected.

    Not only does the front office need to be professional, but they also need to be informed of campaigns, changes, and operations. This facilitates easy conversation flow to lead patients to schedule. Scheduling becomes the primary purpose of new patient calls. Although questions may be answered, the front office needs to focus on scheduling before the call is ended.
  3. Staff: Not only should your front office be kind and professional, but the remainder of your team should also be aware of their interactions with patients. When patients are treated with kindness, respect, and simple attention, they are not only likely to schedule, but they may even begin referring friends and family.
  4. Doctor: The doctor's interactions with a new patient will always dictate the outcome of a conversion. A relationship of trust and security needs to be established. Don't be afraid to converse a little to get to know your potential patient. Act professionally and be kind. If you are having a rough day, perhaps you need to let your front office, office manager, or other staff meet with the new patient. If that is not possible, learn how to compose yourself in stressful situations.
  5. Professional Setting and Visual Aids: Your office is judged the moment someone drives by or enters the door. Present your practice clean, professional, and upright. Worn signs, trash, and dumpy-looking or outdated exteriors may deter potential patients. Signage, Infographics, videos, and images work brilliantly to spruce up the attractiveness of your practice. Office materials may help aid patient education and further convert new or current patients to services otherwise unknown. When it comes to generating leads and converting new patients, consider the inside and outside of your space very carefully. Visual cues help convert and retain visitors for the long run.


Dental marketing will provide your dental office with leads. However, effective strategies are required at every step of the funnel, especially when converting leads into customers.

For more information or assistance in your marketing efforts, get in touch with Medical Marketing Guru, a professional and reliable dental marketing agency near you.

Posted on Aug 18, 2022
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