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Top 5 Marketing Services for Dental Startups


Dental startups offer the most prized ideal of owning your own dental practice. However, dental startups come with various business management problem-solving tasks from beginning to end. A dental startup encompasses a variety of decisions, including leases or construction, financing, applications, hiring, training, and more. Although many dental professionals excel at their profession after their educational training and/or associateship, a dental education does not offer a comprehensive understanding of managing and running a successful dental practice.

The lack of a business management background poses a difficult learning curve for many dental professionals transitioning into their own dental practice or starting their own dental practice. While most dental professionals have the capacity to learn on the job, many pitfalls can be avoided with professional help.

The Road to a Successful Dental Startup

The most successful dental practice startups will outsource and hire professionals. A dental startup consultant is the first professional to consider for a dental startup. Dental consultants offer trusted marketing, financing, development, and training resources. Dental consultants also aid with significant decisions like location, overspending, or making startup mistakes.

The other vital professional to consider is your marketing team. Although you may build the ideal practice, your practice will only survive with new patients. Thinking you have enough following from church, relatives, family, and friends is not enough. The average dental practice that accepts Medicare/Medicaid and insurance requires a patient base of 1500. Building a healthy patient base takes time through the process of marketing. For specialty dental practices, marketing is essential for new patient flow.

Dental Startup Consultants

A dental startup consultant with the right experience can help you achieve your much-needed goals within the first year of business. In addition, a dental consultant will help you manage your funds, make essential decisions on location, what equipment you can afford, and the hiring process working with employees.

Training employee is another well-needed service a dental consultant can provide. However, managing employees can also be a daunting experience, especially if you encounter an unwanted employee, as there are many legal points to understand.

The cost of hiring a dental startup consultant may seem unnecessary and more of a luxury. However, the pitfalls and mistakes presented with a dental startup could cost you significantly more. And, with a consultant by your side, you are more likely to achieve financing success sooner than later.

Hiring The Right Dental Marketing Professionals

Making the decision to hire a dental marketing agency can be the difference between success and failure. Obtaining new patients and building your patient base are only done through the process of marketing. Below are the top 5 marketing services you should consider for the success of your dental startup:

  1. Digital Marketing For Dental Professionals

    Digital marketing is a must for any modern dental practice. Digital marketing has the potential to grow your dental practice better than any other marketing strategy at an affordable cost. However, the digital marketing landscape is highly competitive, always changing, and has many different features. Pay-per-click, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Social Media Advertising, and Review Generation are the tip of the iceberg for digital marketing. Employing a team of experienced marketing professionals to help you build and maintain these marketing mediums facilitates higher outcomes and less wasted market testing. 

    A professional dental marketing agency can provide comprehensive digital marketing services and expertise with search engine optimization (SEO)pay per click advertising (PPC)social media marketing, and more. Navigating these marketing mediums takes skill and understanding to be proficient and effective. 
  2. Print Marketing

    Print marketing consists of letterheads, envelopes, business cards, and everything in between. Print Marketing also included the design, management, and deployment of Direct Mail. Direct Mail Marketing is effective when deployed to the right audiences and in the correct quantity. 

    Marketing professionals often use effective direct mail campaigns to target specific audiences through another source of communication. Design, quality, and target demographic are key aspects of print marketing that require expertise to execute correctly.
  3. Signage

    Creatively designed and carefully located purposeful signage is one of the primary forms of dental marketing that can last a lifetime. Moreover, it is among the most effective marketing strategies to drive local audiences to your new dental practice.
  4. Internal Referrals

    Internal referrals are a significant resource for most private dental practitioners. Before internal referrals become a primary marketing resource, a patient base must be established. Utilizing digital marketing and print marketing will help you get internal referrals much quicker. For dental specialties, referrals from GPs, insurance, and others will be the primary focus of your marketing campaign.

    Successfully managing internal referrals to create growth opportunities is easier said than done. Some dental marketing agencies can offer advice and training. However, internal referrals hinge primarily on the efforts of the doctor and staff.

    Internal referrals are an excellent marketing service for any growing dental practice or dental startup, especially considering that a significant chunk of dental business will come from referrals.
  5. Community Involvement

    Starting and growing your dental practice can be supported by your local communities. Community involvement can enhance your presence, increase brand awareness, and develop more relationships. In turn, you will see more referrals and interactions with your dental business. 

Premier Dental Marketing

The 5 forms of marketing we mentioned are essential to a dental startup. A combination of 3-5 of these mediums works best. Focusing on one or the other may produce different results than you hope to achieve. Focus on a minimum of 2 marketing mediums. Utilizing all 5 forms of marketing will produce the best results.  

We highly recommend that you employ a trusted dental marketing agency like Medical Marketing Guru, to get the best results from your dental marketing efforts.

If you want to learn more about marketing services for dental startups, or if you want the best dental marketing professionals to handle the marketing of your practice, please get in touch with us today.

Posted on Mar 27, 2023
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